I started this blog years ago when I was a newly married 22 year old learning the ropes of motherhood. Life has changed now that I am past my 20's; I've acquired two more beautiful children and now venture the parenting road alone. While experiencing life's changes I have found myself in ways I had no clue I would. 

I became a shaman, a medicine healer, built my own business and followed my passion as a tarot reader and medium. I took what I knew and loved best and turned my life around through sheer hope and much dedication.

This blog serves as a testament that no matter where you are in life you are always capable of change, becoming your strongest and having the courage to fight through even the scariest times of your life. 

At one time there was a part of me who wanted to delete the entirety of this blog and make something new and fresh- but I decided otherwise. Had I done so I would be erasing such a massively impactful part of my history, and the shifts and growth I had undergone would be lost in the process. 

Together we have the ability to look back on the years I have experienced so far- we get to see the wife in me, the pregnant mother, the nursing mother, the divorced and grieving woman, the strong woman, the depressed and hopeless one as well. 

These facets of who I am deserve honor- not deletion. 

So I will continue to write without omission of who I am or was. I am in love with each piece of my soul and I am honored to be able to share them with you. Here's to life yet to come.

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