Mission Warmth

Since we have moved to our new place I have realized that the heat in Trace's room does not work AT ALL. Poor kid ends up freezing at night and I feel sooo bad for him. Some times I go into his room in the morning and I am surprised he hasn't turned into a popsicle over night. So today I made it a mission to seal up his drafty windows and do SOMETHING about the heat not being in his room (even though the vent is open and maintenance said it was working fine). Went to Loews and got some of that plastic wrap stuf for the windows and some draft stoppers for the door in his room.
My amazing in-laws (best mommy and daddy in the world!!!!) came over to seal up the windows and love on their grandkids.
Meanwhile Poshie and I built the awesome storage unit we had just received from above mentioned wonder parents. I was sooooooo excited to finally be able to organize the growing mass of toys Trace has. I hate clutter and disorder. So Poshie went to town on this thing and had it all built in a matter of ten minutes. It looks amazing in Trace's room and now every toy has a home. Let's see how long that lasts.
After that we had some pizza, mine was cheese less of course, bleh. I really miss eating dairy. I cannot wait til I can down a huge glass of milk, eat a big hunk of cheese and slurp some non tofu ice cream (there is a night everyone will want to stay away from me). Until now it is Silk and cheese less pizza. It is so worth it.
Every time I start to get bummed about my lack of dairy Phoenix just makes it all better. It makes my heart skip a beat when I look at her and she gets this ginormous smile on her face. It is such an amazing feeling to be loved by your kids. All of what I do, or don't do, every day is worth every single moment that Trace laughs, or Phoenix smiles. I am so beyond blessed.

I had pictures but they aren't loading for some weird reason. I will try again tomorrow morning. Off to bed for now, I have some WordFueding to do.

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Randi Iaco said...

Fifi will appreciate your dairy sacrifice someday!

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