Just another manic Monday

Oh my gosh today was out of control with colds! I honestly have been checking the clock since I woke up waiting for it to be bed time. In between a ton of nose wiping, Trace exploding diarrhea ALL OVER the couch, cleaning the handbag that my cats urinated in, laundry,  rinsing nasty nasty smelly diapers, more laundry, 2 baths, 2 naps, and even more cleaning I managed to get some pictures of the cute times today.

Derek was sick last week with a nasty stomach bug and now both kids seem to have some sort of illness themselves. And both have completely different symptoms. Trace has been throwing up and getting horrible diarrhea which has really been stinking up the house! Luckily there was a huge sale at the Yankee Candle warehouse in Deerfield, MA! This means I have so many amazing scents to hide to disgusting smells running rampant through our house (none of which are of my doing thank you very much!)

Here is a cute little blog I found describing all the awesome things Yankee Candle Village had to offer! Heaven on earth! It is a little over a drive away to get there but spending $10 for a large jar is well worth the drive. And anyone who knows me knows I love my candles and ALWAYS have one lit in my home. So I got 6 candles for $60!! SCORE!  Anyways- my wonderful new Soft Blanket scent has been keeping the house smelling a little less like poop and more like clean laundry. I am in love. 

OK so I am getting myself off track here in my candle enthusiasm. After an entire night up with Phoenix, sucking boogers out of her nose, consoling her cries due to not being able to breathe, and being worried about her gagging I was in need of some coffee in my fave mug. Casey and Poshie got this for me at christmas and I am so in love with not only the pinkness but the size of it as well! Good for about two cups of coffee in one pouring! 

So after two cups of some yummy french vanilla coffee I was off to clean up Mrs. Boogerface. Poor girl has  such a raw little face from wiping it so much. I feel terrible for her. 

Then I put her down for a nap, and Moo decided to snuggle on in with her. As much as he annoys me (peeing in my leather handbag *ehem*) he is so good with the kids. He really takes a beating with Trace and I know Phoenix will be toddling right behind him in the antics pretty soon. 

During Fifi's nap time, I got some awesome play time with Trace and his new castle from Nonna and Poppi. Melissa & Doug make some pretty cool toys!

Phoenix got one too! Hers is pink and a little bit smaller. I cannot wait for her to be able to play with it! 

Trace then proceeded to take ruin the couch with the most disgusting dump (so eloquent I know heheh) I have ever smelled in my life! I picked him up to change his diaper and there was poop all on the couch, down his legs, in his socks, up his chest. I had to quickly plunk him in the bath and get his scrubbed down. After that he relaxed on the couch for a bit watching none other than Toy Story 3, of course. I may go insane from that movie soon. 

                     Oh..... Muffin.....how attractive.

Derek got home, brought me McDonald's, and saved my life. I love my husband so very much, he is so good to me when I am stressed. He knows what will make me smile, and he brings it home for me. I know, I really need to quit the terrible eating but with all the chaos going on fast food is the easiest choice. Once things calm down I will be planning my meals and eating healthier. For now, Dr. Pepper and a BigMac are soul savers. I love you Derek!!

And check out the cute pictures Trace let me take of us! He never lets me take pictures of him!

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Mommyof3 said...

that coffee mug is the best!

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