Easter Funday!

Easter Sunday was lazily spent at my mother's home. We ate entirely too many snacks and I was stuffed from ham and potatoes. It was a warm 70 degrees with spurts of rain here and there. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Trace played outside and then later that night (past his bedtime, so you can imagine) he had his own Easter egg hunt in my moms living room. My aunt Karen had to help, he was just too tired to find them all on his own. 

The Easter Bunny stopped by Grammies house!

Cars and trucks!

Auntie Sandy and Phoenix

Eating crackers with a fork- not very efficient.

My mom

I take bubble blowing seriously, folks.

I love this little boy with all my heart

Someone has to play with the car...

Trace spilled his bubbles but did not give up on blowing some!

My whole family is translucent, lol

Easter egg hunt!

One egg talked and lead him to a gnome!

Daddy came to my moms after work, and he was very sleepy!

Fifi got an egg too!

Checking the loot

And my favorite picture of the day (or the whole month) has to be this- 

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omg I am so glad you got that last show of them together!

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