I Love You, Earth!

Happy Earth Day friends!!!!
I have to be honest with you, I was never very eco-friendly, and I still have a lot to learn. But the past two years have really ignited a fire under my butt to get closer to Earth and be more in tune with nature.   I have cloth diapered for a while now, and I really started it just to save money and have babies with cute butts. However the more I got into cloth diapering, the more I had this tiny bubble of happiness in my heart for the fact I was not adding to the 18+ billion disposable diapers being thrown away yearly. I now actually feel really good about this. 
I have also started eating as organically as possible. The other day in the store, I stood in the organic section beaming with joy for all the goodness in front of me. I stopped for a second and thought, "Kelly, what the heck is going on with you! You never cared about this before!". I didn't, and I feel bad that I hadn't started eating cleaner earlier.One thing has lead to another, and it all started with becoming a mommy. That is the most natural thing of all.
  Little by little and day by day I am doing more to live cleaner and greener. 
So in honor of Earth Day today, I am getting dirty! I am saving water by not showering today, turning off the heat, drying my laundry outside, and hanging out with nature! Trace is at his grandparents for the day, so little girl and I will be heading outside and soaking up the wonderful smells of the earth. We will go for a walk, touch dirt, HUG A TREE, watch birds. And above all else, give thanks to this beautiful planet for all it has done to keep me alive, healthy, and happy. I love my planet Earth.

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