Thankful Thursday

  The house is quiet- kids are napping.
Ahhh... time to sit back with the patio door open and listen to the winds blowing the chimes softly, and rain drops falling onto the wet grass. A storm is headed our way.  But instead of being frustrated that I cannot go outside with the kids, today I am enjoying it. The gray sky is almost peaceful and the wind is so warm. I have been waiting months for a day like this. Thank you Spring for showing yourself, finally.

Trace and I sat outside and watched the trees sway back and forth. He pointed out the birds flying past, and all the trucks that noisily made their way down the street. I love the time I get with Trace when it is just the two of us. There are times I miss when it was just us at home. I still sometimes feel guilty Derek and I wanted another baby so close, and that I missed extra one on one time I could have gotten with my little guy. Then I remember why we wanted our babies so close. We wanted them to be good buddies, and grow up with a support system in each other. And I then I smile thinking about the bond my little angels will have once Phoenix can walk and interact more with her brother.I hope Trace realizes as he gets older why we chose to give him a little sister so soon. I hope he doesn not resent me later for it.... I am such a nervous mommy, lol. 
I am so thankful for moments like the one right now. I love my kids and I love them even more at nap time. Next to me on the monitor is a sleeping Phoenix, in her pack and play. It is day four and she has left the comforts and safety (and constant wakings) of our bed to sleep on her own. She is doing well and hopefully we can get her to sleep through the night soon without waking to nurse as often. It is a long process but I know we can get there. She is such a good girl and really does not give us much grief, she fusses for a few seconds before snuggling up witth her soggy dolly and passing out. 
On top of two amazing babies- I am also extremely grateful for a husband who likes to clean just as much as I do. On his days off he spends his time washing diapers, cleaning piles of laundry, scooping cat poop, and scrubbing our kitchen counters. He lets me sleep in (as I let him take time to work out daily) and spoils me after long days with the kids by letting me order delivery pizza, and eating it all myself. I love this man. I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful person to walk the path of parenthood with, and on top of that have the comfort of our wonderful friendship. He is the kindest person I have met and I love him dearly. 
When I get stressed and the day just seems endless, I try to stop and think about the beauty that is my life right now. I daydreamed about where I am at the moment, when I was a child. And growing up I never thought the pleasures I have right now would ever be mine. Yet, here I am, sitting on the couch writing this while my two amazing, gorgeous, beaming children nap snuggled in thier bed. Here I am in a home I love despite a few things here and there hehe. Here I am with a hubby who takes time out of his days to always let me know I am loved, a hubby who works so hard to provide all the luxeries I want in life. I am one lucky gal. And taking the time to soak it all in almost makes me want to cry. 

But, I will save my tears for American Idol tonight when someone is sent home. Unless it is Jacob Lusk, I can't stand him. 

Trace has found love in Nutella<3
Phoenix has found love in her big girl car seat<3
Play date with a friends baby boy<3
Playing trains<3


Bekah said...

hahah! I love this!

Kindertravels said...

Hey Kelly! It's Jess. I'm following your blog now, follow me back! Becky is coming over to have a blog party tonight and show me a few tricks :)

Kimberly said...

So sweet. I really like your blog. Your kids are adorable :-) Nice to meet you!

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