Making the Change

I have been trying to little by little switch over the products I use and food I eat to more natural alternatives. It was hard at first to find healthier less toxic options. With the help of a few websites and the advice of some good friends, I found some great items!

I started cloth diapering when Trace was a little over a year. This snowballed into so many other choices to make the better my children's health and my own as well. I looked around at the every day products my family was using and the food we were eating... some things needed to go.

We switched all our baby products to California Baby and Burts Bees.  We got all natural soaps, lotions, diaper cremes, and sunscreen.

I started buying all (or as much as I could find) organic foods and will even be buying my meats from a local farm! I am excited to start getting on a more conscious path towards health and better living!


kimberlyann said...

I just came across your blog and love it! I am doing the same thing too, changing our eating habits and such. We stopped shopping at your everyday grocery store and started shopping just organic. I still need to check out the local farmer's market. Now I'm trying to also find healthy alternatives to things especially with my son (who was born 9/24/10--so your little Phoenix is a couple days older than him). I know after having my son I wanted to make sure he lived as healthy as possible. So since he could start eating solids, we made all of his food. Which has been so rewarding since I know everything he eats is fresh and I know when we made it. And he hasn't had any problems (fingers crossed) So keep on what you are doing, mama. Any tips or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Gotta a new follower with me.


HelloKelly said...

Hey Kim! Thanks for the sweet comment! Ya know, I have been thinking of making my own baby food as well. I am just not the best cook for myself so I feel like my baby would be stuck with the same foods day in and day out. I have to get better with variety in my house. Have you seen the Baby Bullet? I want one so bad! What do you use to make your baby foods? I should check into that more.... for now it's earth's best purees here.

kimberlyann said...

We just have the regular bullet blender. We try to make him some food every week. So let's say we get a squash. We bake it, the puree and put it regular ice cube trays and freeze it. Then when it's frozen put it in a labeled ziploc baggie and ta da! That food will probably last him about a month. Then you can mix and match. Like our son hates anything green--surprise, surprise, so for like broccoli we might had some peaches with it. Sounds pretty gross, but he loves it. I think that any type of blender would get the job done. It will save money too, a $2 squash I can get at least 10 feedings out. I also got an awesome baby cook book off of Amazon for only $8 with shipping! But really with the internet, you can find anything. I use this website a lot too.


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