Practicing My Gratitude

Actually, I am going to come back here to leave tonight on a better note. 

I honestly, whole heartedly, 100% love my life. As a kid I never pictured myself amounting to anything. I didn't have many people cheering me to succeed and fulfill all my dreams. I kept my dreams hidden within myself. And those dreams were simple, but they meant the world to me. It seemed the perfect life in my eyes. A life I wished I had growing up.

My dreams were to fall in love.
To get married.
To be a part of a stable home.
And to make a stable family.

I have accomplished all my dreams by the age of 24! I am blessed. So beyond lucky to have what I do. I never want to complain over trivial things. And I end my nights and start my mornings in the most grateful of mind frames. So tonight I end in gratitude as usual.

Thank you world for providing me with the opportunity to get together for breakfast with my family. Thank you for finding me the man of my dreams so I can marry into his family and finally know what it feels like to be loved so much by people. Thank you for making them italian and therefore awesome cooks ;)
Thank you world for letting me have the car so that I could drive around and feel like an adult for once. Thank you for keeping my kids and I safe while we drove.
Thank you for the chance to see one of my greatest friends.
Thank you ME for making an awesome pizza tonight.
Thank you Trace for actually eating it. And asking for more.
Thank you Derek for letting me vent to you and helping me search for that nasty phantom smell in the kitchen.
Thank you Phoenix for getting to bed and not putting up much of a fuss.

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