Thankful Thursday

Another week gone by and my gratitude is piled high! 

Thank you family for all the love, support, generosity, kindness, and helpfulness you give to Derek and I. There is never a time where we have asked for help and been turned down by you. Thanks to you we have the strongest support system I have ever known. Before meeting Derek I did not know what it was like to be able to so fully depend on your family as I do now. They listen- they care- they love- and they know me. For this I am deeply thankful for. 

One Door Closing
I remember the day we came to look at the apartment I am currently living in- we were ecstatic. It was modern, had a fireplace and a dishwasher and when you stepped outside you didn't hear the crackheads next door fighting over what teakettle Johny McHigh-As-All-Hell used for his meth lab experiments. (Ok, I am going a little overboard here but it was a terrible place to raise kids and yes we called it "The Crack-House" lol).

Here was a place I could walk without fear of being mugged and here was a place that a friendly neighborhood cop lived- and not one just constantly frequented for noise disturbances. Here there were two rooms for my babies. One, pink glitter painted nursery for my soon to be daughter and the other a toy filled haven for my excited little boy. There was a pool and a gym, a hot tub and billiards room. There were green trees and a yard filled with grass instead of a hot blacktop and smelly urine coated stray cats. 
We grew here. Immensely. 

We were able to open our flower petals as wide as can be. And in doing just that we were able to open our minds and our hearts. Now it is time to move on to bigger things for us. But I am always grateful for the stepping stone that brings us to our next chapter in the lives of the little "Trafton Tribe". 

A New Door Opening
There is so much to look forward to next month! A spacious home with my cupcake kitchen, airy light filled rooms and a place for my children to call home. A place for me to call home, finally. I honestly could not be any happier. I have big plans and awesome ideas and I am chomping at the bit to get started! 
One more month.... 
One more month.... 
One more month.....

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,
but the parent of all the others." - Cicero

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