Thankful Thursday

I feel like I should have had a speech prepared for what I am about to say. 
I am thankful for a million things but today I am only going to mention one thing. 
One glorious, wonderful, happy thing! 

Thank you friends for mentioning Melatonin Herbal Supplements to me, I took two pills and it really helped to ease my wild brain and let me fall asleep quickly. 
Thank you Phoenix, you slept so well last night too! Baby and I snuggled tummy to tummy last night with her little arm draped over mine. It was so peaceful and sweet. I feel amazing! I don't feel completely up to par but I feel 10x better then I did the past couple of days!
It is amazing how much changes when you get sleep. I am ready to take on the day in the happiest of mind sets.

Ah.... this is beautiful!

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