Movin And Shakin

Since moving last week to a much larger space, I have noticed something. More space = more to do. And in one sense I am grateful for the extra added business in my day. It makes 7am- 6pm go by faster, I get the kids ready for bed and then daddy comes home. We relax. Watch a little tv and head to bed. Always the same, always predictable and right now I can really appreciate that. On the other hand I have to admit that lately by the end of the night my patience is gone and my feet are throbbing. It's funny though, with all the hustle and bustle of the move and this change of pace it feels so great to have body aches by the end of a long day. As a stay at home mom I follow a continual and mundane pattern every day. I don't use my brain all that much and changing diapers and making lunches doesn't exert too much energy on my part. I love flopping into bed at night purely exhausted not only mentally but physically as well! There seems to be so much to do here now that I am always kept on my feet. 
With that being said, today was busy. A messy, milk spilling, head banging, time out filled busy busy day. Babies had dinner, took baths together, climbed into their beds and mama finished up the daily household chores. My feet ache and I am spending the rest of the night with my very sick husband watching The Marriage Ref while eating the following:
I am going to gain 15 pounds in one week if I don't stop eating these cookies. And brownies.


Bethy said...

I've been reading your blog for about two weeks. I was linked from maybe Dear Baby? I can't remember but I love it. I totally relate with you on being home with the babes. Its bitter sweet, the highs and lows of motherhood. Stay at home Mom here as well.
It is so nice to be exhausted and have your days fly by. =)

HelloKelly said...

Welcome Bethy!! So happy you found me! I love being able to share my days with other mommies, not only for them to see they aren't alone in the struggles and happy times of mothering but for me to get input back from them as well. Especially stay at home mommies, you always feel like you are alone on a deserted island so I like hearing how other moms go about their days at home with the kids.

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