Updates On The New House!

The new home is coming along so well!! I will take some pictures tomorrow afternoon. We have Trace's room almost all done, and Phoenix's room looks like a pink disco ball. I am in love! I mixed silver glitter in with her light pink paint. I cannot wait until tomorrow morning when it is dry and the sun is shining in on it! I have all the colors for the rest of the house done too, everything is going to look so amazing once it is all done. 
I bought a cheapo $2 sprinkler from Loews today and hooked it up in the backyard, Trace was elated to jump and play in the "rain". He was drenched and grinning from ear to ear in under half an hour. finally we will have space to let him run free without my worrying. Of course I will always be outside with him but I like the fact we have our own area for him to play in. And things for him to do! The water table wasn't cutting it after a while.
I am beyond tired, I haven't been sleeping well (I think mainly from excitement) so I am heading to bed with my tiny baby girl. Another big day ahead but I am excited for it! Nice to be out of the house and feel like I am doing something productive with my hands.

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