Sick Kids= Coffee and Today Show

 Good Morning All! 
I am huddled under a blanket on the couch, and don't tell the hubby but I put the heat on.
It is freezing!
Ok- so maybe not freezing, but I am always cold. So as it is currently 50 degrees I am hiding until the sun warms the day up more.
The kids are still sick, and I can feel their germs crawling into my throat and nose. I wish it was socially acceptable to outwardly cough and sneeze directly into the faces of others, my kids get away with it so why can't I? There'd be a few good people I'd like to sneeze on...
I slept with Trace in his room last night, poor baby was coughing continually and I could tell he was struggling to breathe. I just wanted to stay with him so he knew his mommy was right there if he needed something. All he really needed was to pet my hair and face and fall back to sleep every time he was woken up by a coughing fit.
 Can I be honest for a second? I kind of like my kids when they are sick. Set aside the occasional grumpiness, I can keep up with them more. They are slower, groggier, and actually want to cuddle. Pass me tht sick baby! I will cuddle the crap out of it. 
As I write, Trace is counting blocks in his sick stupor. What would he be doing in his healthiest state? Running rampant through the house demanding I play with him in this room or that. 
I quite enjoy being able to drink my coffee and watch some Today show while my little monster plays quietly next to me. Ahhh...

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