Sweet Sunny Wake Up Call

I was in a daze this morning as I groggily rolled over in bed. I heard a rustling noise on the floor. I ignored it and tried to get myself to go back to sleep, until I heard a tiny Trace voice. 
 "Ok, Hello Kitty, you sit here I will read you Cat in Hat book until mommy wakes up."
I popped one eye sneakily open, hopiong he wouldn't see I was awake so I could continue to watch him. There he was, in his adorable orange robot pajamas with his sister's Hello Kitty doll propped next to him, a book in his lap. 
"This little boy and girl are sad. They see rain. A cat comes and makes the fish angry. He says 'Get out!' Go away cat!"
Trace turns the page and looks over at me, I couldn't pretend to sleep any longer. This scene was just too adorable to not speak up. 
"Buddy, come lay with mommy. Let's read books together in bed."
Trace came barreling for my bed throwing book after book up and then monkey climbing under the covers with me. We snuggled up close while the peaceful morning sun brightly lit my bedroom. He placed Hello Kitty on the side of him and nestled his head into the crook of my neck. My son is not a cuddler by any means. I was shocked and my heart melted into a puddle of ooey gooey mush. The two of us quietly read Goodnight Moon and hunted every page for the tiny mouse. After we found him we continued onto the Cat in the Hat. The whole time my sweet angel rested on his mama and listened so intently. He chuckled softly to himself as the Cat balanced a cake, an umbrella and a fish on his tail! And he scolded Thing 1 and Thing 2 for being so messy. 
"Those guys better not come to my house." He warned.
The book ended, Phoenix began to cry for someone to come save her from her tiny prison of a crib and the three of us padded downstairs for fresh diapers, sippys of milk, and nice warm blueberry bread. I couldn't have asked for a better morning. 
The tides of my moods (and life as well, I suppose) will always have thier ups and downs. In a brief flash I went through one of the darkest periods of my 25 years on earth and here I am writing this with a heart just about ready to explode from the love and joy it holds for two small beings who have completely filled every fiber of my being with their smiles and laughter. How could anyone be so lucky?


Rhiannon said...

My son is not much of a snuggler either so I know what you means about unexpected cuddles! Maybe he knew it was just what you needed?
Wondering how Phoenix is going after stopping BFing? and you for that matter too?
Luv Rhi x

HelloKelly said...

Rhi I am so sad that Fifi is all done!!! I think she could care less. The first few days after she spent some time smacking my chest almost as her own little reminder they were there for her. And now that has stopped and she pushes herself away from me when she wants to go off and play. It makes me sad but I know it was the best for both of us.

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