Turning Into Butterflies

Myself,  and quite a bit of my friends have been feeling icky lately. I have noticed it within myself for a few months now. I can feel myself changing, evolving. I know all change requires growing pains and I have been going through my own, just as those around me are suffering from their unique situational growing pains too. Change is so hard, and as humans we fight change. Change is most of the time looked at as "bad" or "scary". Newness takes you out of your comfort zone and throws you to the wolves, naked and open to emotions you may not want to release.
I have been releasing old habits and emotions like a faucet left on high for a few weeks now. I have cried more tears lately than I have in years, I feel empty, but in a good way now. Whereas a few weeks ago I felt empty in a terribly lonely and hopeless way. I feel amazing. The release of old habits and baggage has given me a feeling of peace and calmness. Like a caterpillar emerging from a cacoon I feel my wings begining to shake free from my chrysalis and the start to my evolution raining down on me. Change is coming, change is here and I am (like always) welcoming it with the widest of arms and gratitude galore.
A good friend of mine Stephanie Borrelli, who helped me make my vision board, has written a blog entry on transforming ourselves into the butterflies we truly are. She inspires me in so many ways and I would love to share what she has written about the changes my friends and I, and maybe even you have been feeling lately. 

Transforming Ourselves as the Butterflys 
Stephanie Hewes Borrelli
 I was reminded that these flitty little creatures landing in and out of my cache of sweet william flowers in my front yard providing such spiritual inspiration, once began their lives as caterpillars. Destructive little beings, creeping along, eating and doing damage to plants along their paths. Caterpillars are hardly an enlightened seeming creature I once thought. But later, as butterflies, these same creatures provide beauty and joy and assist with the pollination process providing a valuable assist to the plant world they had earlier damaged.
I thought about the changes these destructive little bugs underwent to become the beings of light and inspiration they are, and it led me to a parallel vision of humanity being in that destructive caterpillar stage.
We've been stripping and raping and eating our way through the world, taking what we needed and doing damage to a much greater degree than caterpillars ever could. However, I have a deep respect for life and the higher purpose in all things. I perceive that we are moving into the next stage of our evolution which involves changes as dramatic and life changing in every way as what the caterpillar undergoes during its time within the chrysalis.
In the world of spiritual healing this journey is called ascension and it is happening throughout our lives and our planet, affecting every life form. As humans we are noticing changes in our environment many of which we could blame on our own behavior. There are also changes going on in our bodies, and souls which if we pay attention could cause us some anxiety.
An interesting element of the butterfly's changes is that the chrysalis which supports and protects it during its changes exists right within the body of the caterpillar! First the caterpillar sheds its skin and underneath is the chrysalis... right there waiting to provide a protective shield as it turns into a being and life of beauty, purpose and flight.
Within ourselves and our world is being born our own means of metamorphosis. Looking with spiritual vision, a person can see the new world forming even as the old is breaking down. The new forms which are coming will appear the same... a tree will be a tree, a horse will be a horse and a human will be a human. The differences will be that the body we live in will be built on a higher frequency of energy. We will move out of the stage of the destructive worm and into the stage of light being... filled with purpose, beauty and wholeness. We will be contributing to the well-being of the very world we currently appear to be destroying. When the caterpillar undergoes this metamorphosis, it is a kind of death and rebirth. It is a total surrender to change. The wisdom within the caterpillar understands this process and it knows what to do. I wonder if we as humans do too?
We have the choice to surrender and trust this process in ourselves and our world or to fear and fight it. Either way, we are being changed.
The Butterfly has it down...Do we?

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