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I LOVE the magazine Real Simple and this week their website featured reader's best tricks to keeping a clean home. Some of them I had never thought of, like using socks as dust rags! y I thought I'd share a couple of the good ones with you guys! You know how much I love cleaning and if someone is there to offer a new tip or advice on keeping the clutter to a minimum I am right there with a big ol' open ear!



Staying Focused

"I get very distracted while I'm cleaning, so I set a timer for 30 minutes. It helps me to stay focused, and I get more done in a short amount of time."

Brooke Dorr, Centralia, Missouri



Storing Supplies

"I keep cleaning products in a shoe holder over the back of my laundry room door. They're easy to see and access, and it saves space."

Heather Pelham, Delray Beach, Florida


Zapping Red-Wine Stains

"A dab of foaming shaving cream can help remove many red-wine spills from carpets."

Kathy Purves, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Washing the Tub

'When it's time to clean my shower,
I strip naked, hop in, and scrub, using any harsh cleansers with caution. When I'm finished, I step out and rinse it down, then take a shower
myself to admire my handiwork."

Keli Honsberger, San Rafael, California


Picking Up

"I leave a basket at the foot of the stairs and toss in anytoys or miscellaneous items that were brought downstairs during the day. Whenever I go upstairs, I take the basket with me and unload. It beats running up and down the stairs all day."

Lisa Lutz, Sarasota, Florida

Repurposing Old Clothes

"I wear an old, unmatched sock on my hand when I have to dust the house. I run my hand along chair rails, crown moldings, and doors until the sock is dusty enough to discard or wash and reuse."

Lisa Taillefer, Mobile, Alabama

For more awesome tips check out:  
Real Simple and be ready to fall in love with their awesome cleaning ideas, recipes, and more!

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