Hectic Home Life!

I have started my most dreaded task in motherhood so far. 
 The couches are lined with garbage bags and towels. This little man is free-ballin it for the next three days. That's right, I am going to attempt the 3 day potty training method. Wish me luck because I think Trace is already on strike within the first four hours. He refuses to pee at all.
 We made little man a chart and at the end of three days he will get an (undecided so far) awesome surprise! 
I am crossing my fingers because as much as I love my cloth, I am so tired of two kids in diapers. Trace is almost three, it's time. 
In other news, the dog is doing well. A little too well I'd say- people weren't kidding when they said having a dog is like having another child. This guy is off the walls, but I love him so much. 
Since being in Florida, Phoenix has sprouted! Physically and mentally, she learned a bunch of new words, like "fishie"and when she wants something she points to it and says "this". She has yet to start crawling and I will admit it bums me out a little but she still gets around by scooting. It's adorable to watch, but I am getting worried now about the next phase- walking. I cringe as a type this envisioning her sticking her fingers in light sockets and dropping toys into the toilet. Ah.... toddlers. 
Meanwhile I have Derek in a frenzy over the fact our blender just broke because he stuck a light up ice cube into it while making a smoothie. In his defense they blend in well with the regular ol' water turned to ice... cubes. But our blender was shot and the kitchen smelled like burnt rubber. Ick. He is attempting a juice fast to clean his body from all the garbage we ate while on vacation. 
Whining like a baby over the broken blender
We feel bloated and disgusting and as much as I would love to join him on his adventure into kale smoothies, starvation, and pooping my brains out- I'd rather just eat healthier.
So starting now I am back on the health train. No more McDonalds for a long time. I need to start working out as well. I am off in search of a good yoga video to do with a friend, and another cardio workout dvd to do during nap time. 
Speaking of nap time...
Trace just peed all over the floor and after rinsing him off I placed him naked into his bed for his first nap ever without a diaper on. 
I have the Tide ready and waiting, I can only assume he will wake up covered in urine. His sheets needing to be washed quickly. 
Sigh.... this may be a long long three days.
You know what I am really missing right now? 
This sight. This blue sky. The warm air.

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Mommyof3 said...

Honestly after having 2 kids potty trained, having to potty train another was the scariest part of getting pregnant again to me. Good luck, I bet you will handle it with grace like everything else!

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