Pee-yew and Wahoo!

Oh my gosh, I seriously cannot believe how disgusting Trace's last diaper was. It was poop filled and he made sure it was smashed all over him by rocking on his rocking horse before letting me change him. Thanks dude! I cleaned him off, sprayed down the diaper, and plopped it into the diaper pail. 
Now the entire house reaks of poo! How is that even possible? I am so grossed out! I need to buy a new diaper pail, mine is cover-less and I think that is part of the problem. Sigh.... my heart is getting lazier when it comes to cloth. I feel terrible admitting that, and I won't be stopping. There are so many benefits to cloth diapering and laziness won't stop me. But I don't have to like it, at least for right now. Once a good stripping and diaper pail buying is completed I will be back to my old love of diapering. 

In other news! Check this out! 
A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for parts of Connecticut through Sunday morning in advance of Winter Storm Alfred, the first named storm of the winter weather season.
The National Weather Service issued the Winter Storm Watch for Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, New Haven, Tolland and Windham counties. Snowfall could accumulate Saturday from as much as a few inches in the Hartford area to nearly 7 inches in northwest Connecticut. Snow could be heavy at times and also mix with sleet and rain in some places. Additionally, winds are expected to be strong, with gusts possibly up to 30 mph.
The early snow could cause problems for motorists out on the roads and bring down tree branches with the possibility of power outages.

Oh boy! I am so excited! 
I am almost thinking of putting up the Christmas tree! would that be crazy of me? NAH!

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comparatively said...

I live in Virginia, and we got a little over an inch (maybe even two) of snow on Saturday, too! I was the only one who was excited that I know of... glad to see someone else was welcoming the snow. We haven't had pre-Halloween snowfall here since 1979! :)

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