Reality Check

I just spent a good amount of time running around my house in a frenzy getting things picked up before the kids come home from their grandparents. When I stopped to look at how clean it all was I burst out laughing. I chucked whatever I could into where it would fit.

You want a reality check? 
You know those mom bloggers with pictures of their living room that look like this-
Oh how nice....
Oh how clean...
You know what? I bet you on the other side of this room is the pile of kids crap pushed into a corner just for the sake of taking this picture. 

And I am no differant. I go on and on about doing a load of laundry a day, and yes I do my load of laundry to keep up on dirty clothes in the laundry basket. But I throw all the freshly dried clothes into that same basket and pile it into a room where I pick from it all week. Where the heck do I have time to fold them all and get them put away with two little monsters sitting next to me unfolding each article of clothing as I go.
Or in some instances toppling over the entirely newly folded basket. 
My response to that situation is a slow motion, "NOOOOOOOO......OOOOOOO.....OOOOO....."

And you know what else? My nice clean looking playroom.... it ain't so clean guys. I have bins and baskets to organize each toy by catergory (blocks, dolls, cars etc....)
Want to know what is in each organized bin??? Whatever I can fit into it in a 2 minute span. Dolly is mixed with truck. And the tea set is in five different places. And the crayons.... forget about the crayons. Most of them are hidden under the heating vents. 
My kitchen is no different, I have sparkley clean counter tops and freshly washed windows, and piles of pots and pans in a bunch of different drawers. I have Halloween and Christmas decorations in the pantry.
My nice looking baskets on my bookshelf were supposed to be used as decoration. They have now turned into a dumping ground for CDS with lost cases, my poor camera not properly put back into it's carrier, and someone left the diaper the dog tore up hidden underneath a pile of children's books which were supposed to be in the play room.
So this room....
There have gotta be some messes in here... probably under that neatly arranged table.... 
Or bricked up in that wall!!! 
What a good idea!

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Samantha said...

haha, I love this post. It is so true too!
There is never enough time in the day to clean house. I just spent naptime cleaning the kitchen and switching out diaper laundry, but the rest of my house...I just have to hope for a second nap time that doesn't usually happen.

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