My Lovely Sunday

I have been having such a peaceful day today. 

This is cooking in my crock pot.

This is what's on TV right now.

Unearthing Ancient Secrets
The Sphinx Unmasked
Dr Vassil Dobrev sets out to discover the truth about the Sphinx. Does it really represent the pharaoh Khafre? Using scientific techniques, Vassil finds a different explanation. That the Sphinx was created by a by a pharaoh that history forgot: Djedefre.
 Did you know British soldiers used to use the Sphinx as target practice?
And that the Sphinx might have once had a beard which was later added after final construction?

This is the candle that is burning in my home
Thank you to my friend Jen for passing this candle on to me, it smells so lovely. I constantly have candles burning in my home! It makes winter so cozy and warm. 

My little sister Sandra 
has been staying at my house since Thursday and I am going to miss her so much when she goes back home. We have had our rough patches throughout or lives but now that my kids are here on earth we have become so much closer. I love having her around and she is such a wonderful Auntie!

This is a movie we are dying to find and watch again.

This is a blog I just found and am loving right now!! 
Loving Earth Mama 
Exploring Natural, Gentle and Spiritual Parenting Practices
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What's making your Sunday so special?
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