Saturday Fun!

 Happy Saturday!!! 
It has been a non eventful morning. Kids had their baths, I lotioned them up so they smell like lavender (a yummy smelling baby is a happy mommy). Put them down for their naps and got some housework done. One cleaning item I cannot live without is my Dyson. And it's slowly breaking. Sucking up less and less. I am dying a little inside each time I use it because of this.
Trace is sitting next to me playing a game on my phone. Phoenix is still passed out. She is such a good napper. I wish they both were. And I am awaiting the arrival of my sister and my aunt. One to take me to the grocery store and the other to watch the kids for a bit. My 22 year old sister recently got her license and I am so happy for her, and for me! Now she visits so often and keeps me company on days she has off from work. I am so glad she has been around so often. She is amazing with her niece and nephew. I love the bond they share.
Today is my hubby's 30th birthday! He now officially has the hot younger wife! Alright.. maybe I am dreaming but it's kind of fun to say my husband is 30. How prestigious. Maybe I am just being a dork.
Kittens are running everywhere upstairs and it sounds like a pack of wolves. I love listening to them play and get into trouble. They have quickly entered the hearts of every family member. Especially Trace, he calls them his "babies".  How sweet!
Off to make lunch for my little munchkin. 
The daily dilema... what to make, what to make...

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