I Am Exhausted.

My husband grew up Jehovah's Witness, marrying me meant doing new things- like going nuts around the holidays.For the past few years we have been having a Christmas Eve Eve party at our home (which has been a new home every year until now). It is tiring getting everything together while also shopping for gifts and such. Derek spoke the truth today in an exasperated huff, "Christmas is busy!" 
I am not the most religious person, in fact I wouldn't call myself religious at all. Spiritual yes, religious no. However I am huge on holidays. Not for the gifts, not for the religious meaning (sorry), but for the family memories. Growing up with a single mom it was hard to find time to spend together. She worked hard for us and  when Christmas came around, she made sure to do as much as she could for my sister and I. I have fond memories of looking out my bedroom window waiting for Santa to fly on our roof and leave our presents under the tree. I remember one year where I swore I heard reindeer prancing on the roof. 
I believe I fell asleep before he flew off to another home. 
The holidays remind me of warmth, love, togetherness. A feeling every child needs to grow, and those moments really helped me grow. I loved that time, it was so special. Nothing could take my family away on the holidays. I always knew they were mine that day- for the whole day. It was wonderful. 
I want that so badly for my children. I want them to grow up remembering our Christmas Eve Eve party. the house filled with their friends, good food and laughter everywhere. 
I have the yard decked out with lights and Trace has already grow an appreciation for the lights outside of people's homes. You should hear him "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" as we drive by a house filled with the Christmas cheer. 
These times of the year are so precious to me. 

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