Mylittleloves guest post: Things I love right now.

YAY! I love today's guest post! First off because she is my best friend in the world, secondly because Bekah always as such awesome things to love. She inspires me in so many ways. I love this mama to bits!  

Just a few things I am loving as of lately...

These books by Michelle Sinclair Colman!
They are seriously the cutest- we have Foodie Babies wear Bibs and Eco Babies wear Green and I adore reading them to the girls. Ocean still loves the cute illustrations. I gifted Rocker Babies wear Jeans to Kelly and Derek because they are rockstar parents.

Hot chocolate has been my obsession lately. I am drinking some now-finally!
I have been craving this stuff ever since it got a bit under 60 degrees. 
Cuddling under a blanket with my lover and hot chocolate is perfection.
A few hot chocolate recipes I am dying to try:

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Love, love, love!
Finally an intelligent family movie! We started a traditional family night here last week that consists of popcorn, tent building, other yummy snacks, and watching a great movie under said tent.
We kicked it off with Mr.Fox and Ocean has been talking about him non-stop.
It was so nice for us ALL to enjoy a movie together.

Super long hair. I cannot wait for mine to be this long.
I had to go and in and have 21/2 inches cut off my length because my split ends were so bad. 
(I've been putting off getting them trimmed, I guess I should have seen it coming!)
Ugh! Grow hair grow!

And those are the things that I am loving right now.

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