Kicking Back

Good morning friends! 
I am kicking my feet up enjoying some terrible television and enjoying the quiet for a bit.
Check out my hot outfit!
Once Thursday hits and my wonderful friend Bekah flies in with her family to stay with us for a bit, it is going to get very loud! 4 kids under 3 will be an exciting adventure. But I open it with welcoming arms, I love my friends and I am so excited to help them in any way possible.  
We are going apartment hunting in the city on Saturday for them (crossing my fingers snow doesn't hitch a ride with us) and I hope they get the one we were looking at because it is gorgeous! I am so excited for their fresh start in life, they are going on such a wonderful journey from Alabama to NYC while Bekah's husband studies at Columbia University!
I envision lots of toddler time, mommy time, and fun all around! 

For now I sit here comfy cozy and loving every minute of life.

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