It's early morning and the house is quiet.. ah so nice. Trace's mouth is stuff with toast and Fifi is out like a light after she had some milk.
I cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner. The best part is all the shopping is done a week in advance, it feels great. Even better then that they are all wrapped too! Now the only thing left to do is get things ready for our Christmas Party. Haven't started a single thing for that!!

I had such a nice time the other night with an old friend, I am glad we reconnected because I think doing that was exactly what I needed lately. We went to the mall and Target and then got some coffee and came home to wrap the rest of my gifts. It was nice to talk about the old days and all the fun we had. I felt like "Kelly" again. Derek took the kids to Yaya's while he was working on music and I had a whole 3 hours to just relax and have fun!!!

I am off to do loads of laundry and sit for hours folding it all.

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