Power out party time!

Welp, we lost our power for 6 hours last night! At first it was fun, but as heat started leaving the house and my tummy started growling, it wasn't so much fun anymore.
Derek, Trace and I had a blast though. Trace loved that he could play with the flashlight. Derek taught Trace how to do shadow puppets and it was adorable watching him try to do his own shadows. It was so sweet to see the two of them so happy and content simply playing with a flashlight in the dark.
It was nice just sitting on the couch with Derek and talking. We don't get much time without distraction, and although I missed my beloved Vampire Diaries it was worth it hehe!! With a little bundled Fifi on my lap, and tea lights lit, we just talked and talked and it was so nice.
Then 9 o'clock hit and there was still no power, so we decided to go to bed. It was FREEZING by then and we decided time would pass a lot quicker if we just went to bed. As soon as we got ready for bed wouldn't you know the electricity came on! Then off.... then on.... It was so frustrating. However, for someone who complains of no excitement in her life this was exciting (so sad, huh?) enough to last me a while.
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