Thank you Thomas the Train

I need to start blogging, I think if I don't begin now I will go insane! 

There is only so many times I can hear, "Mommy, num num. Mommy, num num. Mommy, num num." in a row.

Trace found his Thomas the Train DVD and is sitting peacefully watching his favorite toot toot. And of course the second he sits down and snuggles up with his blanket for a nice calm date with toot toot, Phoenix starts up crying ready to nurse.

I think this girl has nursed every 20 minutes since she has woken up! Yesterday it was every 30 and I guess that wasn't frequent enough!! I am so sore and tired. But she is content and therefore I am as well. I cannot believe how big she has gotten in the past two months! Close to 12 pounds now and obviously growing quickly with the way she is eating!! It is so crazy to think that I am providing that nourishment for her. Our bodies are so amazing!


Paige said...

It is amazing isn't it?! I <3 breastfeeding. It might be rough with cluster feeding now but it won't always be like that.

HelloKelly said...

Paige I love you for being my first comment ever!!! Just for us I think I am going to make a "Cloth Diaper Monday" thing, where I talk about all the diapees I want in this world

Amy said...

She also could be going through a growth spurt. Adonis went through that when he was 3 months old, I ended up running out of milk because my body wasn't producing enough for him. But you will get through it. It's great feeling to be able to still nourish your child when they are outside of your womb.

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