Adventure Day!

I was soooo tired last night and did not feel like being on the computer much but I have some adorable pictures of Trace by the fire I am dying to post!

Today was gorgeous outside and as much as I wanted to get some laundry done I knew we all needed to get our butts outside! Derek and I threw some hoodies on and headed out the door with our teeny pals in tow! We decided to go to the mall and get baby girls ears pierced. I was so sick with anxiety but knew she would be ok. It is so odd, ever since I wanted babies I knew if I had a girl I would want her ears pierced. I got mine done at a young age and it was no biggie to me, and I figured if we did it young she wouldn't remember anyways. But when the time came to make a choice I wavered so much, I didn't want to cause my little baby any unnecessary pain, but I also knew she would forget it just as quickly as a shot.
I was sweating I felt so bad but we went through with it and she only cried for a little bit and after some milk from mommy she was back to smiling and laughing! My big girl! I am glad we did it because she looks beautiful!

Baby girl in her woombie

Now I am going to sit down with a good book and a chai latte. YES!

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She looks so happy and glowing! I am glad you got it done when she was a baby. I got mine done when I was 4 and it was traumatic!!

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