Buzz and Gnomeo

I had a wonderful day today, and I actually got some me time! Long overdue but greatly appreciated.

Woke up this morning, got the kids ready.... ok, Derek got the kids ready and I dictated like a jerk.  Honestly though, on his days off it is so nice to have someone else help out with the mundane tasks of raising children. You know, like diaper changes ;)

We set out to our favorite little breakfast place New York Pickle Deli in Cromwell. I have been going there for years and still can't get sick of the delish breakfast foods there! Trace gets special treatment there in the form of whatever pancake shape he wants that day. We have had owls, mickey mouse, and other assorted shapes but today was hands down the best! Trace has been obsessed with Toy Story 3 like it is crack. He carries two Buzz Lightyear dolls everywhere lately. So today's pancake was a Buzz Lightyear and it looked pretty darn close to the real Buzz! I was impressed. So sweet of the owners to treat us so well.

After breakfast Derek, the kids and I headed off to Whole Foods. Ahhhh such happy times when you are surrounded with only good options of food and the bad temptations are not in front of you begging to be taken home. I like to adopt the Oreo's and any other sad little chocolate covered, sugar filled friends. I really need to be a better influence on Trace in the foods department. It isn't fair of me to scarf down crap and then expect him not to follow suit. He is extremely picky when it comes to food so I have to make a concious effort to make every food he is given a healthy choice. We grabbed some cutely packaged baby carrots and green beans, hummus because if Trace can dip it he will love it! And a few other snacks that seemed like a good alternative to goldfish and crackers. I picked up some disgusting looking green juice that is just mixed green veggies and mmaaayybbbee a hint of fruit juice in it.  Derek and I picked up some ingredients for smoothies, excited for that!

Then it was mommy time for Jen and I! We went off to see Gnomeo and Juliet, we can't even escape kid time minus the kids lol.
It was so adorable and I loved the random singers they had as voices. Ozzy, Dolly Parton, Elton John music playing the whole time. It was really cute, witty, and if it wasn't 3D it would be super awesome! I hate 3D movies and what I hate more is the too large glasses slipping down my nose the entire time. I loved how they slipped in some Romeo and Juliet lines with a twist, and how all the names were kept the same. I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I am going to buy it for Trace, he loves his lawn gnomes!!


Bekah said...

Yay!!!!!! Sounds like a damn fun day!
Is the Pickle place where we went before we were gonna go to the zoo that day?



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