My Valentine's Day

I woke up this morning with a mission in mind: Capture my entire V-day in photos. So I did just that and had a blast with it! 

After Derek left for work and kissed me goodbye as usual the little voice of my beautiful baby boy was booming through the monitor. He hates being left alone for too long so I rushed to get him and got him dressed for the day. I poured myself some caramel vanilla cream coffee and sat down to watch what I think will be my new fave show, Bubble Guppies!

 We then went and woke up little sleeping Fifi, which I will add is one of my fave things in the morning. Seeing her smile when she opens her eyes and sees me gives me butterflies every time.
 Then we changed our clothes and got ready for the day!! I know you love Trace's cheetah diaper ;)
 Here is little girl in her jammies!
Valentines Girl!

Fifi got ready in the only dress I could find with hearts on it, how do I not have more heart dresses? I love dressing my frilly daughter! 
 After Phoenix had her marathon nursing session (stop, go, stop, touch mommies face, go, stop, smile, go) we decided to cuddle up for one of the last times in our sleepy wrap. She is getting waaaay too heavy for it sadly. Time for my baby hawk?
 Trace and Phoenix went down for naps and I did some laundry and cleaning. Thank you FlyLady!
 After naps my friend Amie came over and since it was an odd 50 degrees today I really had to get my butt and my two little butts outside for some fresh air. It was AMAZING out! The snow was melting (and there is alot to melt in Connecticut), there were little streams of melted snow going down the street and the trees looked amazing in their naked glory.

After an entirely too long walk (my calves were hurting and Trace was dillydallying) we headed back inside to make cards for daddy. Phoenix loved holding the paper and pens. I couldn't stop laughing at how cute she looked staring at a piece of paper like it was a magical new toy. 
 Trace and Amie got down to business writing cards for Valentine's Day. I loved watching Trace pick out what crayons he wanted to use. I did get a little nutso when Amie pulled out the Sharpies and he got some marks on my new tablecloth... I am too much of a neat freak for Sharpies mixed with toddlers.

 Someone got carried away with sticking tape on his head. It became the new obsession of the day.
 I had to tell him that he used up all the tape and he was not too pleased.
 Time for a snack! The only thing Trace will eat lately is cheese sticks. His picky eating is driving me up a wall.

 Derek got home from work and he had brought me flowers, wine, and the most romantic gift a girl could ask for... scratch tickets. He tries, and I love him for it!

I could have melted into a puddle of fuzzy happiness at this sight. My two angels ready for bed and cuddling on the couch. "See, Fifi, see Buzz rescue!"

 All in all my first Valentine's Day with my two babies was amazing and filled with simple joys. I could not be happier as I type this with my Phoenix passed out on one side of me and my husband on the other. Life is bliss.


Amatuer Mommy said...

yay! I looooove all of the pictures!! Miss you guuuuys.

HelloKelly said...

Now that I got my camera expect an overload of good quality pics instead of my phone haha. xoxox

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