First foods fun!

The late nights of holding my baby while she gags and coughs are getting old- I am beat. So therefore I won't be writing all about our Dr. appointment for Phoenix. Ok, I will update real quick. I called just to have her checked out and make sure she didn't have any fluids in her lungs. She had a slight temp and her lungs sounded clear. She just has tons of mucus so I need to keep an eye on that.

We gave her a teeny bit of bananas to try, she wasn't having it really. Probably because she couldn't taste the goodness! I want to buy a Baby Bullet The cutest thing ever! so I can start making my own baby food. More just for fun since I am home all the time and have nothing better to do. But, also so I know she is getting the freshest of foods. I feel so bad I am starting out so late on things like cloth diapers and organic food. Trace was in sposies until he was about a year or more and I only recently started being more conscious about what foods I bring home for my son.  Now I need to work more on myself.

We got home, cleaned the house, had some fun and now I am waiting for some delicious chicken wings. Then it is time to gawk at the disaster that is Charlie Sheen on 20/20. Sigh.... I shouldn't be so mean.

I will say this- I cannot wait until spring so I can take pictures outdoors, sorry for all the living room photos! 

First bite of banana!


Toy Story 3! Like father like son.

Future best friends.

Picking out a movie to watch. Can you guess which one he wanted?

Enjoying some light reading.

Bed time! Night night my sweet Prince!                      

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