An afternoon stroll with the Traftons.

Derek and I are going on a date tonight, movie and dinner. So I will write while the kids nap. Here are some shots from our walk outside just a little bit ago. Trace had a blast splashing in puddles, kicking snow, and wandering into the middle of the street a bunch. No matter how many times I said, "Trace, walk on the side" he some how managed to get his cute little butt back into the middle of the road. Then he would get so annoyed when I'd ask him to go back to the curb.

Daddy and Phoenix had some very cute cuddle time as she napped in the Ergo (My #1 baby item) and got some fresh air. She needs it, I feel like germs are literally all over everything in my house due to all the sickness that has gone on.  She probably just re-breathes all the gross that is everywhere. I need some Lysol BAD! I will spray down every item in this darn apartment! Baby girl is asleep in her bed, as is Trace and Muffin and I are snuggling under a warm blanket on the couch enjoying the silence. Silence except Derek making fun of me. Well- it can't all be quiet I guess.

Getting ready for our walk!

Bundled up baby bottoms

The 3 loves of my life

Our home<3

Daddy Showing Trace the river

Dance Dupies!

Playing with dirty snow

Splashing in a puddle

Daddy and Fifi

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