7 months strong!

 Today- April 18, 2011 means I have been officially exclusivly breastfeeding my baby for 7 whole months! I am beyond proud of myself. This has been hands down the most challenging, tiresome, never ending job I have taken up. 
Little Phoenix, we have been through so much in such a short time. We battled colic, dairy allergies, long nights, longer days. Yet, here we are, you and I working together flawlessly on our trip to an enjoyable nursing relationship. I am so happy that I stuck with it. I love this amazing bond I have made with my daughter. I am amazed every day that I look at her that it is me who fed this baby from day one, and now she is a happy healthy (close to) 20 pound 7 month old. What a big girl! She is thriving in this world and I have myself to pat on the back for that.
 I never thought I would be doing this, I grew up clueless that babies were breastfed. I always thought babies had bottles of formula and that was that. With my first baby I was so overwhelmed (and I won't lie- creeped out) with the idea of breastfeeding added onto the whole newness of motherhood. I tried, pumped exclusively for 3 months and then switched to formula. Through the gentle (but persistent) nudges of my dear friend I gave breastfeeding a chance, and as much as I hated feeling like an over engorged cow for the first few months I fought through it. With promises of much easier times ahead I kept my head held high and battled with sleepless nights of nursing sessions every hour.
I feel like I am such a champ at this now. I try new things all the time- one thing I swore up and down and all around was that I would NEVER nurse in public. Yesterday I sat in the middle of a packed aquarium bustling with people and quietly nursed my baby under the cover of my shirt, all the while watching seals flip and swim in their tank. I did not care about the man sitting next to me, or the baby who toddled over to have a look, or the passerby's quickly glancing then awkwardly looking away (I chuckle at that. I know the feeling).  Here I was, 7 months away from feeling nervous of what people would say. 

Ya know, the more I sit here typing this the more I realize just how beautiful yesterday's aquarium nursing session was.

I will miss this greatly when our journey ends, but for now I have no plans of stopping. I started out with a goal of one month, made it. Then 3 months, made it. After that was 6 months, check! And now I am onto a year. Who knows how far we will go after that! 

* I would also like to thank Bekah for the books, the knowledge, the support and the friendship. I love you for all your help.

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Bekah said...

<3 I love this.

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