Gifts for the hip mama!

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I cannot help but think of what my cute little family will get me! Aren't I such a brat!? I admit it. 
We mom work our butts off all year, we deserve a day a year to be lavishly spoiled rotten. And I intend to be! I was looking around for some awesome gifts and came across a few I really love.

Lumen Candle Shadow Projector

I am a huge candle nut, my home is continually filled with lit candles. I am secretly waiting for the day my house burns down due to my obsession. I love a dimly lit candle filled room at night. But candles that cast amazing shadows?! These take the cake!

"Invented by artist Adam Frank, this modern little oil candle casts an enchanting shadow from a tiny, stainless steel tree. As the flame flickers, the shadow of the tree moves like a light breeze is rustling its branches. Each comes with 2 containers of odorless, clean-burning liquid wax that last 17 hours each. Choose from: Cedar, Nest, Magnolia, Pine, & Bloom."


 I LOVE love! I love mushy, sappy, gooey, kisses, hugs, longing looks etc....  (Stop me now, I could go on for days). What says "Happy Mother's Day to my loving Wife" more then a cute set of pillowcases encasing (see my play on words there? hehe) the love you and your mate share for each other. 


I will skip past the part this ring is made by one of my fave stores and get to the ADORABLE kissing birds on top! I love jewelery, especially rings.  And this is such a unique ring to own.


Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea Perfume  

Anyone who knows me knows my love for Gwen Stefani. On top of that my never ending love for all things fairies, unicorns, mermaids, fantasy. Mix these two things together and make an awesome perfume and you have me hooked! 

 What better way to show off your adorable kids and loved ones then a family tree picture frame? Any mom would love this gift!

 I know a few blogging mommies who would love this gift! Turn your blog into a book!

Then there is me! The never ending stalker of all things cloth diaper related. I hope my husband is reading this and getting my hints here. Maybe he will check back on some other blog entries I have made earlier and know exactly what this little mama would like for her special day.

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