Mornings With The Babes

Mornings in my home can be two things- hectic and whiney or peaceful and relaxing. Today it's pure bliss. Little Phoenix woke me up by stroking my face and throwing her body onto mine ripping at my shirt to get to the goods. She won. After some milkies I heard Trace barrelling through the living room to my room. "Mommmmyyy Maaamaaaaaa".

It was time to get out of bed.

I got soggy diapers changed, kids dressed, and breakfast for both of them done. And after some organic cinnamon toast crunch (Cascadian Farms= 10x better then the original kind btw) I am sitting down to blog. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be around 85 today. I think filling the water table and letting the little ones play naked is in order. 

I love the special morning routine the kids and I have. Cartoons, open patio door with the breeze wafting in, Muffin enjoying the sights, and Phoenix reading books or playing on the floor.

Check out where Trace wanted to sleep yesterday for nap time- it last two seconds and he was outta there! lol

And, no, I don't leave pillows in the crib for Phoenix....

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