My Peaceful Day

It was 80 outside today, no humidity! Gorgeous outside! So my babies and I ventured out into our little backyard and had a blast on the trampoline and hanging our diapers to dry. Trace helped mommy by handing her all the clothes pins (and screaming if I took too long to take one). Yaya came over to play with Trace while Phoenix napped and I got some chores done. Now I am waiting for the hubs to get home from work so we can make dinner and get the little monsters into bed.
      Serious boy

Sitting with his Mickey and Minnie

Trying to take your own picture doesn't come out so well :D

"I want your headband mom!"

Jumping on his trampoline

Yaya came to visit and play!

Drying the diapers!

Peek-a-boo Fifi!

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