The Little Things

We had a terrible storm last night. The wind was howling, tree branches were cracking and falling to the ground, the thunder was right above our house. It was LOUD. And I don't care that I am a mom- thunder still terrifies me to this day. I was happy that Trace was at his grandparents for the night, he is also just as terrified of the thunder. The night before we had another storm and poor little man was crumpled into a ball on my lap, shaking in fear. "Hold me tight" He kept saying to Derek and I. Needless to say he slept in our bed that night. Blankets covering his entire body and my husband arms around him the entire time he slept.

I was happy he was away- we lost power last night. It may have been 6pm but it was pitch black outside. The rain was coming down in waves and our backyard was drenched. I had lit candles an hour before the power went with expectation that we would need them. Good thing I did! You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Derek and I spent some time by the freezer eating every ice cream sandwich before it melted and was gone. I mourned the loss of my dairy products and frozen meats. They have to be thrown out now and those babies aren't cheap. Organic milk itself is $7!

I woke up this morning to a kiss goodbye from my hubby before he went off to work. I love that he kisses me good  bye every single morning. Whether I am awake or asleep, he always says goodbye to me. It is so sweet. After he left I scooped up my little baby girl who was nestled sweetly in her crib and plunked her down in bed with me. I love snuggling with her in the morning. I love the way her little soft body curls up next to me. She rests her head on my shoulder with her arm wrapped around mine. I love the way she starts waking from her sleep and her little eyes flutter. When she sees me there the biggest smile goes across her face. When she is finally awake enough she starts pulling at my shirt, babbling "mama mama mama" until she can nurse. I pet her soft hair while she sweetly suckles away. We lay there preparing for the day ahead.

Then there are the regular mornings, the ones where my little boy rushes into my room and jumps up onto my bed demanding food. It may not be the peaceful slow waking that I get on mornings he is over his grandparents, but it is just as special to me. Traces smile is an energetic spark, his sweet voice breaking through the quiet chirps of birds in the morning. "Mommy, I want num num's" We get up together, and visit our little Fifi in her crib. She looks up at her brother, he looks down at her and demands, " wake up Fifi time for boobies!"

I don't do a lot "fluffing up" of words. I don't baby talk. Therefore- Phoenix eats boobies and Trace eats food. Simple as that.

I love when she cries and Trace comes over and proudly exclaims, "Mommy, Fifi sad because she wants boobies". He takes such good care of her.  He loves his sister so much.

Taking time to appreciate the little things that go unnoticed during most busy days are so important. Remember that your kids won't be so little for long, these precious times go so quickly and you need to breathe this in before it's gone. Your babies will be off to college in a blink of an eye! These times mean the world to me, these mornings are ones I will always remember. This is the reason I so badly wanted to be a stay at home mom. 

I am so lucky. 

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That first picture is too cute! They look so little on your big bed!

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