What's on my bookshelf?

I am such a reader- I wish I had more time to read. I used to pour myself into books. I would spend hours on the couch just reading and reading until I finished a book in one sitting. Those were the days before kids. Now if I were to pick up a book, it would be at night after bed time and I would probably be asleep in five minutes. 
However, reading is still such an amazingly relaxing thing in my life. I have such an array of books and would love to share a few of my faves. 

One of my fave books would have to be The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
I have to be honest in saying I did not read The Da Vinci Code, but starting this book did not leave me with too many questions because of that. I could not put this book down, between the twists and turns in the plot line and the "intriguing factoids" I was engulfed in this novel. You may think differently about what goes on behind the closed doors of the government after reading this book. 

Another sequel here. The first being The Secret. I am a huge believer in The Law of Attraction. This book helps break down the process and ideas behind it. It is simple and easy and you can start changing your thoughts TODAY and notice a change TOMORROW. This would be my little bible to the law of attraction.

When I started breastfeeding my daughter I quickly realized something was wrong. She would scream and writhe in pain after a couple of minutes of nursing. Something had to be wrong, but I had no clue what. She was burped, diaper was dry, she wasn't still hungry etc...
After speaking to a few friends I began thinking she could possibly have a dairy allergy. I quickly cut my dairy intake (worst thing ever!! lol) and she started getting so much better! I struggled with what to eat after cutting my beloved cheeses and milk. My amazing, beautiful friend Bekah (Check out her blog at My Little Loves) sent me this cookbook. Not only was it a sigh of relief to have a ton of variates to choose from but it was so exciting to find new foods to try. I am happy to say Phoenix is much better and can tolerate milk now but I still use this book!

Want to kick start your path to positive thinking? Get this cute book! Each day there is an amazing quote to start your day off on the right path. My husband and I love reading these together.

Want to know which position your bed should be for greater chances of love? What color brings more money into your life? Find out how to change your home for more luck, love, and better flow in your living space. Some things are a little too much for me but it was nice to learn that stuffing all your odds and ends under your bed actually interferes with your sleep. Only keep things related to sleep under your bed. Not only am I clutter free but I feel better putting some of these tactics into play!

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