My Personal Cleaning Tips Part Deux

I am part of a select group of people who actually like to clean. Well, I honestly love cleaning. There is such a gratifying feeling to sitting down after a good house scrubbing and viewing the hard work you have put into your home. It shows love, not only for your home, but for your family and yourself. If you take care of the area that surrounds you, then you usually take care of yourself as well. We all know how important taking care of yourself is. With that being said, I still have to get cleaning done quickly efficiently and in little spurts. I don't have all day to clean everything- I have kids at my heels waiting to mess up whatever it was I just organized. Here are some more tricks I use to get things done in a home with two little rugrats. 

1)Clean your shower while in the shower- Let your hot water be the guide, you won't spend an hour scrubbing when you know you still have your hair and body to wash as well. Use the soap you already have at your disposal. Soap is soap, it all works the same. I keep a washcloth in my shower just for cleaning the grime off of the doors and tile. A quick wipe down every day should keep it sparkley. And I love the added bonus of cleaning myself up after touching icky mold (mold builds up fast in my shower stall for some reason). 

2)Do things little by little-Who has time to clean every room of your house on a daily or weekly basis. In my home I would prefer daily. Things get completely shambled in a days time so I spend all week playing catch up if I don't keep up. If you want to clean your kitchen cabinets, do one at a time. One cabinet a day. One bathroom a day. One bedroom a day. Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm your self with the big picture, look at little ones instead.

3)Time yourself- Setting a timer helps me to remember to take breaks. If I didn't take breaks I would probably end up neglecting my kids lol. I get really into cleaning and forget all the other duties in the home. And for some it is the opposite- setting a timer helps force you to get a certain amount done and then you know you can stop. 15 minutes here or there is enough. Stop and play with your babies. Read to them or go outside for a walk. The chores will be there when you get back and you can set your time for another 15 more minutes.

4)Don't forget to cross finished items off your "To Do" list- It shows the things you have accomplished and for people like me it helps to see my accomplishments so I can be proud of myself for the work I have done. Be proud of the things you have done instead of feeling down about the things you haven't gotten around to yet.  

Every effort you make in life in special and important. 
And the smaller things count just as much as the big ones do.

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