My Personal Cleaning Tips

I take a lot of pride in my little apartment. To me a clean living environment helps me take care of my family to my best ability. I simply cannot function in clutter. It turns my world (what little world I am in right now hehe) upside down. If laundry is piling up and dishes are dirty in the sink it is hard for me to think of anything but getting them put away. Yeah, my friends joke I have a problem, they are probably right. But for me it makes a huge difference to wake up to a sparkley shiny home.
I always get asked how I can keep up with my housework while juggling two little tornados. It's work, it's hard, but I love it. I figured I would let you in on some of my little tips that help keep my daily routine on perfect flow.  (Don't mind the drab wall color and lack of pictures on the walls. This is not a permanent home for us- we knew we were only staying a year so we didn't do much with the place)

Cleaning Fun!!!
1) After getting the kids fed and comfy on the couch for cartoons, I always shower first! Get it out of the way- not only will you feel refreshed and awake, there will be no excuse of not being able to find the time.
Your kids are fed and content, they will play for a bit without your attention. 
2) Get pretty- even just a little bit! Whether I am going out or not (and lets face it, I don't go out often at all) I always throw a little make up on. It makes me feel good, and isn't that the most important thing? Do things to make YOU feel good! 
3) Throw a load of laundry in the wash as soon as you can. Always do at least one load of laundry a day. This way you will never be left under a pile of dirty clothes. In my house if I didn't do at least three loads a day we would be in huge trouble. But, that's a story for another day.... 
4)Make your bed the second you are out of it! A nice made bed helps your room to look put together. Even if there is junk everywhere else! 
5)Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket not on the floor! It is easy for me to throw dirty clothes here and there in my rush to get my kids changed and fed and cleaned etc... Again, a simple thing that makes a huge difference.
6)Make a "To Do" List- I have a white board on my refrigerator and throughout the day  I cross off the chores I have done. It helps me feel accomplished and when my husband gets home from work it shows him that this mama has been busy!! If I clean something that was not on the original list I add it- why not?!
7)Hide stuff!- Decorative baskets help to keep my kids toys in order and at easy access while keeping my main family areas looking less like a toy room and more of a living room.
Toys and puzzles!

Diapers sorted by girl and boy prints!


Bekah said...

I love this!

Mommyof3 said...

Thanks for this!!! My apartment now is too far gone for help, but once we move in a few months I am going to take your tips and use them

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