Taking It Easy Tonight

Ah...... Derek is off with his brother working on some music and my home is quiet and peaceful. I sat down to enjoy some of my favorite toast in the world and a cup of french vanilla coffee. A pot of honey apple chamomile tea is brewing on the stove, I am excited to make my first batch of iced tea.

I am excited to have some time to myself at night. I really miss Derek when he is away, we don't get enough time as it is because he works such long hours. But I have to admit, it is really nice being able to do what I want and not feel like I am neglecting time I could be spending with my awesome hubby.
I think some meditation is in order soon, maybe I will recharge my crystal and put some extra summer solstice positive energy into it. Now is a good time to practice your graititude for all that surrounds you.
I really saw the greatness in people today- The family and I were getting out of our car to go grocery shopping when I saw a truck pull out of its parking spot and roll right over the front of the car in the spot next to it. Literally crushing the entire front of the car. I had no idea that a pick up truck could do so much damage. But it did- bumper smashed, hood smashed.... this car would not have been bale to drive out of there....
The owner of the car was inside and had no idea. People in the parking lot stopped what they were doing and watched as this truck barreled over the car and sped off instead of stopping to admit they had made a huge mistake. Everyone banded together, got the plate number and discussed what they had just seen. It was reported to the cops and I really hope the person who did this gets caught because they did some SERIOUS damage. It made me so happy to see so many people get together to help someone they did not know. They knew the owner of the car was not outside- and wouldn't have any idea of what happened to their car if it weren't for them witnessing the incident.
One man even told me he was happy I kept insisting for him to get a pen out of his car to write all the info down- he said if it weren't for me he would have just ignored it and left. I hope things turn out well... 
It feels so good to help others.

The power of the summer solstice influx will allow it to penetrate our cells and our emotional and mental bodies. It will sweep through our body on all levels and clear the lower frequencies of discord. It is a time of purging that which is no longer longer needed. And, if this clearing process is welcomed with gratitude, e.g. "Thank you for this chance to release and heal!," it will be a much smoother ride.


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