Breastfeeding Around The World

I was curious in getting more educated on how breastfeeding is looked upon around the world. I found this site (Breastfeeding from differant countries) and was so amazed at the differant outlooks of breastfeeding in public. Some were surprising to me. I am almost saddened that Phoenix is probably our last- I would love to continue breastfeeding with future children. I' amazed by this hahah. It has really turned into this beautiful loving experience for me. Quite the opposite of what I envisioned it.

In the country of Ghana you can breastfeed your baby anywhere once the baby cries for it. If your baby cries and you don't breast feed your baby people draw the conclusion that the baby is not yours. 

In Ghana bottle feeding is for orphans, babies whose mothers cannot produce enough milk, upper class wannabes and expatriates. Ghanaian women breastfeed - everywhere and anywhere. The poor ones just whip it out, let it show. The rich ones have special tops made so its not ALL hanging out. Growing up I used to watch my neighbor breastfeed her baby - all the kids would gather and stare in astonishment...and NO ONE had a problem with it. If you grow up thinking its normal, you will NEVER be offended.  

In Kenya breastfeeding is the most preferred way to feed infants unless there are some contraindications. Breastfeeding in public is not an issue. I have seen mums do it in public buses and in public places. If baby cries they just whip it out, although they cover with a baby blanket. In rural areas, most often they don't care 

Mothers prefer breast feeding in Pakistan. In rural areas mothers don't mind breast feeding at any place. In cities mothers take care for any indecency but they are not worried to feed at any public place. Particularly women avoid feeding in front of their relatives. Although many times it has seen women not minding open their breasts and nipple show. 

Breastfeeding in Hong Kong is regarded as very rude and is indecent exposure in public. I have never seen a Hong Kong woman breastfeed their child in public. If mothers want to breastfeed their child, they either do it at home (and bring out bottled milk) or in the washroom cubicles.

I lived in Peru for almost 2 years 95-96 and viewed literally hundreds of breastfeeding women in public. It is so commonplace most people don't even notice. When the sight of a woman's breast is commonplace from the time you are a small child, the taboo and awe of the breast is lost. Breast are considered not at all sexual in Latin America unlike they are in the US. I find it almost humerus at the prudishness of our Society over something as beautiful as a woman's breast.  

I think in England, breast-feeding is widely encouraged however, there are still a lot of mixed feelings towards women who breast-feed in public. Personally, I feel there is nothing more natural in the world than feeding your baby this way and no woman should be made to feel embarrassed or discouraged from doing it in public.  

I'm pushing myself to feed where it's comfy and have refused to do it in public toilets. It feels liberating to bf in public and overcome by British reserve! 

In France, not so many women breastfeed their child because of many reasons such as keep a beautiful body, share child care with the father.... But when you breastfeed, which is my case, it is not a problem to do it in public places, restaurant... people won't say anything, even if they disagree (well, we have, at least, some education) or they even might come to say how wonderful it is for the child, how you such a to do so... (it happens to me in the street, in a restaurant, at home). But the problem, is that when your child reach 6 month, it change a bit... it is mostly not understood why a mother breastfeeds a baby after 6 months (most people say that we can't cut the umbilical cord and leave our child leave the nest...). So it is a bit harder to breastfeed in public. Still, thanks to our culture and education, most of the people won't say anything, directly at least. 

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