Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for this week. However, one really stands out the most.

Thank You Stephanie Shattuck
 A few months back I was searching for an affordable train table for my little boy. Everything was so highly priced and in my madness I hadn't even thought of searching Craigslist. A sweet friend from my loving Babycenter group decided to look up train tables in my area on Craigslist for me. Not only did she find me an awesome set but she inadvertently may have found me the home I have been waiting for my entire life. A place where we can stop the yearly moves from here to there. A place where my babies can call home until we actually buy our forever home in Arizona (and that is another tale to be told at some point). This all happened about six months ago and after one "coincidence" became another Derek and I knew it had to have been fate that directed us to the very house we needed. 
 We pulled into the driveway ready to get our gift for Trace and marveled at how charming the "Little Red House" as we have come to call it, was. We began discussing with the current tenant how we were looking to leave our apartment due to high rent, and extremely steap electric bills. He told us he was moving back to Vermont with his family and that the owner of the home only rented to families he knew. Well it turned out we made a nice impression with the man and he passed our email address onto the owner with a note saying we were looking into renting the home after they left. We received an email shortly after saying we could come check the place out. And then another one shortly after that saying that the current tenants decided to stay in CT a bit longer.
We were bummed but also happy since at the time we were still in the middle of our lease and breaking it would have been tough. Everyday we passed by that little house on our way to different places (it is right on a main road so you couldn't help but pass it) we daydreamed that one day we would live there. We kept our hopes up and fate dealt us another wonderful card last week in the form of an email from the owner of Little Red House. He explained that the current residents were moving back to Vermont this time for real. And asked if we would like to come check the place out. The timing could not have been more perfect as we have plans to move from this apartment next month.  
We were beyond exstatic!  
We went into our little dream home and marveled at all the space we could have. A large living room with bright sunny windows. An eat in kitchen (remember now, this will be my cupcake themed heaven!). 4 huge bedrooms, one of which we will turn into the most amazing play room for the kids. Two full bathrooms.  Gorgeous fenced in backyard with space for a garden, and swing set and two tiny kids to run amok.  A nice big basement. 
And all pets are welcome!  
Thank you Stephanie, honestly without your help I wouldn't have known anything about this home. I am seriously so grateful to you. I have made some amazing friends off BabyCenter.  And wether they are friends I have met, yet to meet, or might not get the opportunity to meet- I love them all. Without them I would have many a loenly day at home. No one to vent to about my mommy issues. And no Little Red House. I sound like such an internet dork but no matter where or how I meet the people I do, I know they are brought into my life for special reasons. And I know some pretty special women because of BBC. 
Our only problem is that we resigned for another year in this apartment complex and we might not be able to back out from the leasing agreement. We are waiting (extremely anxiously) to hear back from the leasing office if we are ok to cancel our plans to live here another year or not.   

Whatever happens, I will be grateful for a roof over our heads and love in our home. We will love where ever we move to next. Not because of the big rooms, or backyard.
But, because we are a family. And we are together.  

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