Things I Love Right Now

Nap Time

The time between mornings and nights where I can sit in peace and quiet and observe the chaotic wind tunnel of a mess my children have left in their wake. Today's mess includes crumbs of french toast all over the carpet, a couch full of baby toys, pillows and blankets on the floor from a tent, sippy cups littering tables, the list goes on. 
Nap time is when I should be cleaning. But it is also my only break of the day. So I spend it checking my emails, drinking some coffee, eating my lunch and watching some tv. I don't care. 

My Cloth Wipes + California Baby Diaper Area Wash

Wanna know why I love them so much after one day? Because after Derek used them his first time, he said "I really like these." That's enough to sell me on it! That and the fact that the California Baby spray smells soooo good. Those kids little butts are sparkling after we are done wiping them! Trace laughs every time we spray him and he says, "Dat tickewls my butt!"

Happy Baby Organic Strawberry Puffs

Phoenix loves these healthy little guys. And it is so cute watching her try to figure out how to get them into her mouth properly. 

Derek's Awesome Idea

Want to try something delicious? Derek came up with this awesome idea for a quick dinner last night. Mac and cheese with honey BBQ sauce! Um.... yes. Enough said.

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