Mornings In My Home

I have to say that I really feel like mornings in my home, just the two little munchkins and I- are probably my favorite part of the day. Everyone is messy haired and still a bit groggy. I get diapers changed and clothes on for the day then get the breakfast ready. By this time Trace is insisting over and over he wants something to drink, so I pour him a sippy of milk and pop two waffles into the toaster. Breakfast is usually some sort of spin off the same thing. I have the worlds pickiest toddler mixed with the worlds chunkiest baby.

One hates food and one cannot get enough of it! So Trace gets a banana, a waffle, and a cereal bar. All of which he takes one bite of before it ends up being mashed and played with. It is so frustrating watching him waste all the food he does. All I can think of is that typical remark made by my mom, your mom and all moms before me- "Don't waste your food! There are starving kids around the world who would love that waffle!."  Kid! People are starving and you are throwing out an entire meal!! Meanwhile, Phoenix has almost completely devoured her entire banana, her cereal bar and is finishing off a waffle. And most likely she will be ready to nurse soon after. 

While the munchkins eat their food we sit together watching cartoons. I have to admit one of my faves lately is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Anyone else find themselves singing all the pirate songs through-out the day? Don't touch the ground because it's hot hot lava..... I love seeing Trace repeat the pirate words, the word of the day today is "Mates". 

This is usually the time where I can sneak on the laptop for a bit and check my Facebook and catch up on some blogs. A little "me" time while everyone is distracted isn't such a bad thing ;)

Hey- just so I am not alone in singing this today check out one of the cutest pirate songs ever. I love these two and their funny facial expressions as they lip sync horribly off time. 

OK.... one more.... one more and then I am done. I am obsessed. 

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