Inspiration For My Living Room

Ok I am going nuts looking at things for the living room in the new house. I want a vibe of earthy mixed with modern fun. I will most likely end up with such a mishmash of items but who cares.I do know I am so sick of all black yet I can't seem to get away from it!

Here are the couches I have right now

The shape of this table is so awesome!

This Mirror about our couch would add a real colorful touch!
I love these bird paintings!
This would be such an awesome clock for a side table
I am not a huge fan of butterflies but what an awesome conversation piece for your tv stand!

Help me find more natural looking pieces, guys! I need help!

P.S. On another note- the kids and I all slept until 10:20 today!!! Are you kidding me??? That is practically sleeping til noon! I feel amazing.

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