Thankful Thursday

Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.
-John Demartini

Another week has flown by and I am marking off the days on my calender until the big move! The U-Haul moving truck is set for the 9th of next month and we get the keys this Sunday. I have a feeling I will be doing alot of back and forth driving to the new place with our car before the 9th. I want to get all the small things like pictures and knick -knacks over so our friends don't have to do a ton of work when they help us on moving day.

My thankfuls for this week are mainly about the move- I am just so ready for our next step in life. Waiting around in an empty apartment is somewhat like being a hamster stuck spinning in a wheel. But I know with every great change comes bumps in the road to test you. Derek and i have waited six months for this amazing opportunity and I won't let a few moments of exhaustion and frustration get in the way of our bigger goals in life! 

Today was tiring- the kids were up in our bed all night, it is becoming a terrible habit. However my book The No Cry Sleep Solution, that I ordered off Amazon finally arrived and I am so excited to start some of the tips in the book! I haven't had much time today to read it over but I can tell you that the testimonials alone are making me so excited for a regular sleep filled night!

Tiring as it was thought Derek and I managed to make sure our little ones had a smiling laugh filled day. I was happy to spend so much quality (tv off for once) time with my babies. We made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to run some errands today and Trace got a Mater matchbook car that he was so excited about. He ended up talking to the little car all day, he even fed it some of his lunch! And after that he made it his lunch!
And here was Phoenix bouncing around in her exersaucer as usual, I keep trying to get her used to wearing bows but this one was os big she couldn't help but rip it off every time I put it in.

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