Snipits Of My Day

Derek and I made a mission to dedicate the majority of the day to the kids. First Derek, the kids, and I headed to our favorite local breakfast place- New York Pickle Deli.  Then we took them to Bounce U, an awesome building filled with inflatable bounce houses. We invited our good friends to join us and the kids had a blast running around! Ok.... I should clarify considering Phoenix isn't even crawling yet (Grrr). After a few hours we took them to the park. Phoenix sat in the shade with mama while Daddy and Trace ran around in the way too hot sun. We tried our hardest to wear them out as much possible. I'd say it worked well! 

Building  jelly towers

Silly gooses

Trace and his Uncle Casey

Hurricane Simulator

Best Friends

When we got home

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Adria said...

Was randomly browsing your blog and had to say... look at that fluffy butt in the last picture oh my goodness!! :D

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