Some Times You Just Want To Run The Other Way

Alright guys, I had every intention of writing something lengthy and elaborate. However this gal is pooped. I have been flip flopping between completely stressed out of my mind and entirely at ease the past couple of days. Today was the first time in over a week I left my apartment. Like literally stepped foot outside. My husband has the car for work and is gone 12 hours a day. By the time he gets home it is too late to take the kids anywhere and therefore I spend a large amount of my time at home. This means I almost never get away from both kids for very long. And what this really means is that I am continually around crying, fighting, whining, food wasting, mess making, tantrum throwing, nap refusing babies. Day in and out. So when I got the chance to pick up breakfast for Derek and I this morning I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement. I threw clothes on, grabbed the keys and flew outta that place as fast as possible. I burst through the front door and sucked in the fresh air like a gasping goldfish. Sun! Glorious sun! As I was driving to Dunkin Donuts I honestly had the fleeting thought of, "I should just drive off into the sunset and not come home until tonight." 

Sigh... but the responsible mommy in me picked up my two small coffees and breakfast sandwiches and trudged back to the car. Slowly. Very slowly. I really didn't want to go home. I had just left a mass of whining kids with uneaten breakfasts strewn across the floor. I had laundry piled sky high and boxes upon boxes that needed to be packed. I had dishes that needed cleaning and crumbs all over the living room floor. I sat in the car blasting Selena Gomez (the girl's got some catchy tunes, alright?!) and debating if I should ditch my husband and enjoy my bacon egg and cheese alone in the peaceful serenity of my car. 

But again, responsible mommy kicked into gear and I drove home soaking up the last of my alone time. I stepped out of the car and looked up at the gorgeous blue sky.

Hello clouds, I really missed you last week.  

What's up, sticky humid 90 degree air.
I don't mind you all that much when I don't 
get around to feeling you as often.

Hey grass, would you mind if my good friend 
hammock and I spent some time with you? 

I kissed those friends goodbye and walked through the front door of my apartment and down the stairs where I could already hear Phoenix pitching a fit. Mommy was home. Although I really miss getting out more often and having my own means of transportation I do love my babies dearly. 

But I will tell you one thing- if I don't leave the confines of my home and get more "me" time, I am bound to be in a straight jacket rocking back and forth in my padded cell before these kids turn 5.

Today was fun though- I am watching a friends one year old for the week and the three kids had a good time enjoying the nice weather. 

Watcha guys doin?
Guys, come back! I can't walk!
Come on Finn! I want to play too!
Brother and Sister
Muffin wishes she could escape to the world outside
Well, I got ditched I guess
So I will just eat some more

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Mommyof3 said...

I have those moments often.

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