So Much Change

I have come so far to go back now, so when change arises (and there is so much of it lately) I need to remember to embrace it in a positive light. Everyone is scared of change because of all the unknown possibilities it brings with it. Although at times it can be powerfully overwhelming, I've learned to embrace the unknown and forge through with the bravest of mindsets. I tend to focus on the general outcome of a situation and not the details of getting to that outcome. The details will fill themselves in as long as I stay focused on the end goal. I need to remember to stay positive and look at all the things around that change has brought. 

Change has brought my children, and my husband. Change has brought about an entirely new family- who love me more than any other people ever have. Change has given me better support systems and greater joy. So why, after looking at all the good I have been given just by stepping fearlessly into change, am I still nervous? 

Here is my test- look at the untouched possibilities of what is to come for my life. And bravely jump in to the darkness. 

No matter what, it will all be ok.
Simply because I believe it to be so.

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